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Тот миллионер, из-за которого погибли 4 копа, оказывается бодался со своим кансилом и отправлял им факсы с расистским содержанием (а что ТАК МОЖНО?!)

'The fax docs are just my mania pointing out... racial discrimination... wouldn't want a name like Massoud or Chong in this 'community' would you?' one of the messages read.

In another, he accused the council of treating him unfairly because he was a 'white male', saying that an old lady would have had a better experience.

На самом деле он построил забор на бэкъярде без разрешения.

He also claimed to suffer from a learning disability and mental health disorder. (И при этом стал миллионером работая mortgage broker! Видимо эту работу может сделать и обезъяна)

In a separate email, Pusey contacted a local figure threatening to 'tell everyone that politicians in Cuba could do a job better than you'.

'You should all commit suicide,' the letter read.

Вот ведь: больной на всю голову, а миллионером стал...

Из комментов под видео на ютубе:

Richard Pusey's previous charges
2007: Convicted of speeding 70km/h over the limit, fined $210

2008: Jailed for eight months, with half of it suspended for two years, and $346 compensation for intentionally causing injury. Assaulting police charge was dropped.

2014: Convicted and fined $2,000 plus $2,500 in costs for carrying out work without a building permit.

2016: Ordered to do 60 hours of community service for stalking.

2017: Fined $500 for contravening a safety intervention order

2017: Fined $200 for driving with a suspended licence.

2017: Fined $500 for emitting excessive noise from his house.

2018: Convicted and fined $750 for using a carriage service to menace.

2018: Charge of intentionally damaging property was dropped.

2020: Assault charge to be heard in court on April 30.

2020: Criminal damage with intent to be heard on June 16.
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