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Victoria's high proportion of job losses is due to the nature of the state's economy, rather than a failure of government stimulus, Treasurer Tim Pallas says.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data released on Tuesday revealed 8.6 per cent of Victorian jobs were lost in the month to April 18 – the largest proportion in Australia – ahead of Tasmania (8 per cent) and South Australia (7.8 per cent). In NSW about 7.4 per cent of jobs were lost.


"The reason why Victoria in particular is likely to suffer a difficult period is because … we have a high level of services in the economy," сказал казначей штата.

About 77 per cent of Victoria’s economy is connected with services, Mr Pallas said, with the state relying on a significant proportion of jobs in hospitality, major events, tourism and international education.

77% услуг! А я слышал что это Штаты с их оголтелым капитализимом впереди планеты всей с ихними 50%... Получается в Виктории построенна гостиничная экономика навроде Шиджи :(((

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